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How to Enjoy Turkey

26 Nov

Hey, hey college kiddos! Despite today’s awful, disgusting, and dreadful weather, (36 degrees and rainy) I’m in a rather great mood! Strange, I know. Want to know why?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…….


I am SO stinking excited! Although I am not looking forward to the two hour drive back home in this yucky weather, I cannot wait to just be at home. There are several things to look forward to in the upcoming week:

1) Thanksgiving Dinner… Duh.

2) Not worrying about ANY work to do that is school related.

3) Sleeping in my very own queen sized bed.

4) Spending time with my very awesome family.

5) Clemson/Carolina game this Saturday! (GO GAMECOCKS, FEAR THE THUMB.)

So, I know what you’re thinking. Emily, your blog is a “how-to”… What’s the purpose of this post? Thank you for asking! Today, I wanted to offer you all some tips on how to make the most of your upcoming time spent at home.

Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve been home this semester, or maybe you’re one who goes home every weekend. Whatever the case may be, it is SUCH a good feeling to walk through your front door to be greeted by your loved ones. While your at home, love on your family. Not just because it’s Thanksgiving and you’re thankful for them, but because you’re just glad to be home with them. They’ve missed their little pride and joys! Sure, you can go home and plop yourself on the couch for the next week and not move, but don’t do that. Make the MOST of your time at home. Go see friends from home that you haven’t seen this year. Go do fun activities with your family. Really just take it all in. Do not solely focus on the exams that you have to take when you get back. Relax, rest, and enjoy. Eat all of the very yummy foods that will be presented to you on Thanksgiving day! Answer the awkward questions from your dear old grandparents. Then continue to be so stuffed and take a good nap. I think you get the point.

Whatever you do, just enjoy the time that you are spending at home. You’ve earned it! This semester is almost over, we’re almost there! It’s called Thanksgiving BREAK for a reason. (P.S, Christmas is right around the corner…)

Happy Early Turkey Day!

-xoxo, Emily


How to Include Family

5 Nov

For me, my family is what will always keep me sane amidst all of the crazy that college entails. My family is very important to me, so moving two hours away from them was a hard thing. At times it has been easy for me to feel like I’m missing out on important things that my family is doing at home: (My sister’s softball games, Church functions, Family dinners..etc) Maybe it’s not normal for you, but I tend to call my Mom at least once a day. Usually, I don’t even have anything to talk about – but just hearing about her day and what’s going on at home is so comforting to me.

Today, I wanted to make the point that just because you have gone and moved away for college – doesn’t mean that your family has forgotten about you. It’s your job to not forget about them too! In most cases your family is helping you pay your way through your college years. Keep them involved in what your doing while your away! Don’t forget to pick up the phone every once in awhile. Maybe you have a busy schedule and are involved in a lot of social activities on your campus, but making time to spend the occasional weekend at home means a lot to your loved ones. I’m sure you have plenty of friends that you may have made a “family” out of, but don’t forget the ones at home – because they definitely haven’t forgotten about you.  Determine ways to stay involved in each other’s lives and remember to say and do the little things that remind someone of how much you love them.

Friends will come and go, but family is forever! Take advantage of the time you spend with them, and never forget to say “I love you.”

Happy Monday!

-xoxo, Emily

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