How to Take a Bubble Bath

3 Oct


One of my favorite things to do when I get stressed out is to take a bubble bath. I’ll light a few candles, play some weird soothing background music, and most importantly have LOTS of bubbles. There is nothing more relaxing! This is my definition of “me-time”. Being two hours away from home at college, I really miss my bubble baths. Let’s get one thing straight- I will not ever take a bubble bath in any dorm facilities bathroom. That’s a no-no. However, it is critical to give yourself a break every now-and-then-to unwind, relax, and breathe. With all of the pressures and stress that college and life in general will throw at you, I’m telling you right now that you must find time to yourself. Or else, you will constantly feel drained and defeated.

I definitely understand having a busy schedule. Having a job, being a full-time student, and being a student athlete, it’s almost impossible to find free time for myself. This is what I’ve learned: You must make time. Sure, you have plenty of work that needs to get done, but sometimes taking a step away from all of the homework and studying is indeed a good thing. It’s okay to take a break, people! You deserve it! Here are some things I like to do for myself…

1) Netflix – Do you have a favorite show or series that you like to keep up with? Of course you do! Netflix is a great way to take your mind off of your studies, at least for a thirty minute episode! Who doesn’t enjoy mindless entertainment?

2) Pinterest – Maybe this only applies to the ladies out there, but this website is definitely a great way to waste time. I can be on here and scroll for hours and hours. It’s really sad actually. From crafts, to house décor, to recipes, to outfits, to wedding ideas, Pinterest has it all! My future husband will be so proud of me that I already have our whole wedding planned out! The scrolling- It’s not for nothing! (;

3) Take a Walk – Sometimes it’s good to get out of your dorm room or your library and grab some fresh air! Take a walk around campus and take some time to “smell the roses”! It’s good for you!

4) Call a Friend – Do you have that friend that you can talk to about anything? Give them a ring! Use this time to vent, catch-up, and laugh! I always love a good hour long conversation with my best-friend! I think that’s the best therapy there is!

5) Nap – Napping is one of my favorite hobbies. I realize that you are not a kindergartener who has a scheduled nap-time build into their school day. Set an alarm and lay down, I’m serious. It will change your outlook on the day! It’s a great way to rest and refresh yourself for a little while.  

6) Exercise – I love running! Call me, strange… It’s fine. For me, running is a way to clear my head while doing some good for my body. I get my iPod blasting in my ears, and it’s like I’ve suddenly entered a new world. Maybe you’re not a runner, but hitting up the gym on campus may be a good way for you to clear your head as well. Like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde says, “Exercise gives you Endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!”.

7) Get Ice Cream – Grab some of your friends, hop in the car, and drive to a local ice cream shop. It’s always nice to spoil yourself. Who doesn’t love a good ice cream cone? I know you want it. . . And most likely, you deserve it!

Hopefully you understand my point by now. It’s okay to make time for yourself!  Here’s to lots of bubble baths!

-xoxo, Emily



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