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How to be a Coffee Drinker

30 Sep

Coffee + College = The Perfect Duo.

If you don’t currently drink it, consider yourself being discriminated against. Call me rude… but I’m serious- It will both change and rule your life. Coffee is literally the cure for all of the problems that college can throw at you:

-8 AM Survival

-Gets those creative juices flowing

-Main cure for procrastination

-Changes your opinion towards people that may aggravate you

-The perfect study companion

-A best friend in times of trouble


I am not over exaggerating, people. If you love the feeling of Christmas in a cup plus a warm and fuzzy tummy 24/7… YOU MUST DRINK COFFEE.


For the people that say they don’t like it- You’re wrong. You haven’t found your perfect drink yet.

For the people that say it isn’t sweet enough- That’s why we have sugar and creamer.

For the people that say they can’t feel the effects of it- You probably haven’t had enough.


If you are one of the people who haven’t enjoyed the wonderful splendor that coffee provides, here are some tips to help you get started. I would suggest that you start with something really sweet, like a cappuccino. That way you do not really taste the bitter coffee taste just yet. Once you learn to love that, then you move on to something a little stronger. It takes time to figure out what your perfect blend is, so try everything! You can learn to love coffee! Some say it’s an acquired taste… Maybe that’s true. I wouldn’t advise you to start off with a black coffee. You have to wean yourself off of the endless amounts of sugar and creamer. Don’t worry, you’ll get there.


There are people that say they like coffee and then, there are liars.

Drink up.


-xoxo Emily


How to be Freshmeat

29 Sep

As an upperclassmen, it is extremely easy to spot the freshmen. For today’s post, I thought I’d provide you with a few tips to help you blend in a little better.

You’re probably a freshmen if:

1. You look absolutely clueless about life in general.
Yes, it’s completely awkward to be on a brand new campus and not know anyone. I get that. Here’s what I’ve learned- act like you know what you’re doing. Even if you have no idea, just fake it!

2. You dress like you’re about to be on the runway.
Yes, this brand new campus is full of new people to meet and befriend. Dressing like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine sends an immediate sensor to upperclassmen to blow your cover. Most likely you’ll get to experience the glory of having an 8 AM class… Do not walk into class looking like a supermodel. Nobody has time for that. You may not understand it now, but your sleep is valuable. Heels, Curled Hair, Make-Up…. Well, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice. I choose sleep every time.

3. You travel in packs.
If you walk around with six to ten of your closest friends, you are probably a freshmen. Traveling in packs – not the way to go. You are independent and perfectly capable of eating by yourself, walking to class alone, and even using the bathroom by yourself. Shocker, I know.

Use these tips, study them, learn them.. apply them. You have been warned, fresh-meat (;

-xoxo, Emily

How to be Brave

17 Sep

Almost two years ago, I sat in a coliseum surrounded by family members, friends, and my fellow classmates. My high school’s alma mater played over the loud speakers and I looked down in my hands to see that I held my diploma. A diploma with MY name on it. Graduation caps began to fall from the sky while cheers and yelling erupted around me. All I could think about was, “…now what?”.

Flash-forward with me. Today, I’m sitting in one of my communications classes as a sophomore in college. Where does time go? That’s a great question. How did I get here? By a lot of money (I mean A LOT), a lot of support, a few tears here and there, and a decision that I chose to make for myself.

Is it hard leaving home? Yes. Is it hard to constantly be studying your life away? Yes. Is it hard not knowing what the future holds? Absolutely. But for me, going to college just opened another chapter in my life. New opportunities, new friends, new memories to make. I would be lying if I told you that I never get frustrated, get scared, or even question my decision to be where I’m at. I do.

I know that by sitting in this classroom, no matter how monotonous it may seem.. that I’m making a difference in my life. I’m choosing to take the next step to better myself, to become the best Emily that I can be. I don’t know what tomorrow holds and I’m not even really sure that my assignments will ever come to a stop, but I do know that this is my choice. I’m choosing to be here.

Take every day, one at a time. Try all of the things that scare you. Make more memories than you ever thought you were capable of making. Drink A LOT of coffee. Stay up all night. Enjoy being poor. Finally, don’t forget to breathe.

I never thought I’d be a sophomore in college, but here I am. I’m two years into my college career! My best advice for you is this: Be brave. The possibilities are endless. You can do this.

xoxo- Emily

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